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Chronic foot pain? Learn why custom insoles might be the answer.

Do you have chronic foot pain? Maybe you have or are considering investing in insoles for some relief. Before you do, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of picking something up in the grocery aisle vs. investing in custom-fit insoles. 

Over-the-counter Insoles. 

Every grocery store or pharmacy carries your ubiquitous insoles claiming to ease foot pain for anyone in need. The only problem is that you are unique, and so are your feet and the cause of your pain. Even the two feet we’ve lived with our whole lives are different. So the idea that a factory-made insole will successfully provide you with the long-term relief you need is unlikely. Because each of our bodies is different, it would be impossible to have a one-size-fits-all insole fit your feet perfectly. According to Rock CJay Positano, DPM, “Premade inserts may cost less, but they usually do not properly correct the specific problems found in a person’s foot and may end up doing more harm than good.”

Your feet are the foundation of your body. That’s why many people with back, knee, or hip pain may be surprised to know much of that pain stems from their feet. And it’s also why chiropractors often ask about your foot health and footwear when providing adjustments to these areas. 

Custom Insoles

On the other hand, custom insoles are prescription medical devices created for daily wear to correct specific foot problems related to walking, standing, or running. Your podiatrist may mold your foot or take a 3-D scan to obtain a custom prescribed insole for your feet, ensuring you have the proper support your body needs. Prescribed insoles are proven to eliminate pain and prevent further damage by providing evenly distributed pressure over the bottom of your feet.

Insoles also control the alignment and function of your foot, prevent abnormal motion or foot rolling, and aid with foot pain caused by diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, or arthritis. When you have a custom fit insole, you’ll experience less pain overall. 

So now that we know the difference, what are the pros and cons: 

Over the counter insoles


Cost:   You can usually find them for about $10-75. 

Immediate Relief:  If you’re in pain, you can go and get some today without a prescription. But, since most of these are constructed of cheap materials and use cushions or memory foam, they tend to wear out in a few days, leaving you in pain again. 


Harmful: Over time, these insoles will increase foot discomfort and cost you more money when you do seek treatment. 

Ineffective:  Because these insoles are mass-produced, they will not provide the unique support your foot needs. 

Decreased foot and ankle function: Over-the-counter inserts can make it more difficult for your foot and ankle to do their job. If you have the wrong fit, shoes that were once comfortable may suddenly be too tight. You also might find that although your feet are more comfortable, your ankles are stressed and painful.

Custom Insoles


Proven effectiveness: Because these are customized, they fit your feet precisely and correct your specific areas of pain.

Prevent injuries and relieve pain:  Your foot will be molded and scanned to ensure your insoles provide you with even support under your feet. And because they are correcting problems specific to your feet, you’ll experience fewer calluses, corns and may prevent a future injury from occurring. 

Provide foot correction:  Custom insoles eliminate foot pain and correct some abnormalities like high arches or flat feet. 

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with enough information about why having custom insoles is the best option. If you’d like to know more about scheduling a custom fitting, contact us, and we’ll see if this is the right step for you. 

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